10 Creative Email Footer Designs

Some email footers rise above the mundane to a thing of beauty. Designers are adding varied elements such as social media, background images, blog posts and secondary navigation.

Over the years a few have delighted me, influencing the way I design. I’ve listed 10 below, be sure to vote on your favorite. You can submit your own via email or on Twitter using #annaff.


1. Ground as a Design Element: {view email here}

creative email footers

I see this technique a lot on website footers such as here and here, but rarely in email. This RippleProducts email has a green table on the bottom with an image strip above.


2. Background Image: {view email here}

creative email footers

After I saw this Aston newsletter I started to use this technique myself. It degrades well, email clients that don’t support background images show a black table background.


3. Blog Post Summary: {view email here}

creative email footers

Feature secondary articles in your footer like this newsletter from ColorLovers.


4. Drive In-Store Traffic: {view email here}

creative email footers

Use your footer to drive subscribers in-store. Lamps Plus use your postcode - submitted at sign up - to inform you which store is closest.


5. Highlight Website: {view email here}

creative email footers

This photo draws the eye to the Icon.inc website. I love this email, it has a great animated header…


6. Social Media: {view email here}

creative email footers

In the last month Sur La Table, Shopbop and Urban Outfitters have added social media links in their footer.

Over time we’ll see more retailers moving the link above the fold - like Bloomingdales and The Conran Shop.


7. Enhance Brand: {view email here}

creative email footers

Every part of your email should enhance your brand. Barack Obama’s footer had the slogan, “Powered by Hope”.


8. Standout Copy : {view email here}

creative email footers

It’s not always the design of your footer but the words you use. Footer text is often legal sounding and off-putting in length. So its refreshing to read Photojojo’s, “Send us love/hate notes!”. (Notice the address includes EARTH)


9. Don’t hide the Unsub: {view email here}

creative email footers

Just this week I was discussing (@stylecampaign) if the unsub should be placed at the top or bottom of a newsletter.

This email from LucasFonts adds a big “Unsubscribe info” header in the footer. It’s a gutsy approach to the unsub dilemma.


10. Recent Issues: {view email here}

creative email footers

People don’t catch every issue of your newsletter, adding links to recent editions allows you to maximize content.


If you’ve designed a stylish email footer (or seen one you like) email me the URL and I’ll put it on the blog. Alternatively post the url on Twitter using the hashtag #annaff (Anna Footer Fetish) and I’ll get it.


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