(10 sec) step to increase your click through rates

Retailers get a lot of criticism for their email designs due to an over-reliance on images. One recently adopted tactic I noticed is many are repeating their call to action in HTML text in the preview pane. The preview pane allows a reader to view just a narrow 2″ - 4″ strip at the top of an email before deciding whether to open it.

69% of at-work email users usually view emails in their preview panes - MarketingSherpa (2007)

Adding a handy link at the top saves time and confusion. The fact that it’s viewable in the preview pane and will be visible with images turned off makes it a winning strategy. We have seen an increase in click through and download rates when trying this out with our clients. Give it a go…it’s great for mobile devices also.

{ Willams Sonoma - View full email here }

preview pane link


{ Brooks Brothers - View full email here }

preview pane call to action

{ Borders - View full email here }

Click to view fullsized

{ Banana Republic - View full email here }

preview pane

{ Old Navy - View full email here }

view full email

{ Pottery Barn - View full email here }

Pottery Barn link in preview pane


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