Email creative

We have been in business for almost a decade specializing in email creative. For the last six years much of our work has focused on mobile optimization. Early approaches involved skinny or scalable templates, even horizontal. In 2010 responsive design was introduced; we wrote an early post on the topic sharing our work for SavvyMom. Since then responsive email design has become the standard approach that the majority of our clients opt for.

More recently we've been experimenting with incorporating performance budgets into email, taking a deep dive into typography, web fonts and SVGs. Email design is constantly evolving, with advanced techniques becoming viable as more users open on mobile. We stay on our toes creatively and technically in order to deliver solid, manageable code along with clean performant visuals that meet our clients campaign goals.

Modular systems

A group of reusable modules that you can mix and match, duplicate or remove to create numerous email templates.

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Responsive templates adapt their layout depending on the device they are viewed on such as desktop vs. mobile

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Scalable layouts which are fixed-width, narrow with oversized content are still in play, especially with retailers.

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R&D & prototypes

Advanced email techniques, on-going research & HTML prototypes to keep your email program up-to-date.

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Device Lab

iOS, Android, BB, WP, Kindle... we've got the QA covered with a suite of 30+ real devices & Litmus.

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Performance, mobile creative, competitor, usability testing, email design 101, just a handful of the email reviews we offer.

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