Email creative

We have been designing emails for over a decade. Recently we've been taking a deep dive into typography, performance and SVG.

Modular systems

A group of reusable modules that you can mix and match, duplicate or remove to create numerous email templates.

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Responsive templates adapt their layout depending on the device they are viewed on such as desktop vs. mobile

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Scalable layouts which are fixed-width, narrow with oversized content are still in play, especially with retailers.

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R&D & prototypes

Advanced email techniques, on-going research & HTML prototypes to keep your email program up-to-date.

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Device Lab

iOS, Android, BB, WP, Kindle... we've got the QA covered with a suite of 30+ real devices & Litmus.

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Performance, mobile creative, competitor, usability testing, email design 101, just a handful of the email reviews we offer.

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