Mobile email

Many of our clients are opting for a responsive modular system; these custom designed systems are made up of various reusable modules that you can rearrange, duplicate or remove in order to create numerous email templates. What’s made them so popular over the last three years, is the need for widespread mobile redesigns and as a means to reduce the day-to-day pain of email production. Although we also love to design highly customized one-off templates, modular systems are the bread and butter of many email programs.

View MapMyFitness modular responsive template
MapMyFitness Part of a, 'mix and match' modular responsive template.
View Rackspace modular responsive email template
Rackspace Responsive modular template for easy internal use.
View Tango responsive email template
Tango Hybrid responsive modular system that stacks in Gmail.
View Adorama template system
Adorama Responsive email template system and rebrand.
View Hugo Boss responsive email templates
Hugo Boss Designing the mobile vr. first helps to keep things clean.
View responsive template system Large, dynamic modular template system.
  Mobile email usage is ~50% so let's chat.