Gap redesigns navi for touch

Last month, Gap Canada reworked their navigation bar for touch (Gap US just followed suit).

Sep 9th {View desktop email}

6 tabs with small text and little horizontal spacing

Designing emails for touch

Dec 24th {View desktop email}

Reduced tabs to 4 which increases spacing, but the text is still hard to read.

Designing emails for touch

Jan 14th {View desktop email}

5 finger-sized links which are easy to read

Designing emails for touch

A mobile UI designers recent tip to me, was to push the contrast a point or two beyond what I’d do for desktop. When you’re viewing creative at a glance, on a tiny screen, potentially half drunk in a bar (his words), it’s not time to play 10 shades of grey.

I like how bold the navi above is on a mobile, with plenty of contrast (can’t beat black on white). Though it’s slightly overbearing on the desktop. The Gap mobile site uses a list view for navigation, positioned at the bottom of the screen.

Looking at the changes in Gap’s navi, it’s a clear sign that desktop layouts are doing double time on smartphones.  Though it’s a compromise for both desktop and mobile users.

Check out Designing for touch - Mobile version (1)

Check out Designing email for touch (2) Navi


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