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Many businesses integrate email marketing with Twitter, but I’ve only seen one promote the use of hashtags in email and that’s HBO @TrueBlood.

Hashtags (#) help organize information around certain topics and events. I might Tweet, “What the heck is going on with Bill’s hair? #Trueblood” Anyone following the #Trueblood conversation can read it.

True Blood recently became a trending topic. I asked Sabrina Caluori { Director, Marketing and Promotions // } whether email marketing played a role.

1. Email helps but not in isolation: {view email}

Twitter and email marketing

How much has email marketing contributed to True Blood becoming a trending topic on Twitter?

I don’t think our email marketing is directly impacting our placement on trending topics. I think the promotion of the hashtag #trueblood certainly helps but we’re doing that a number of ways: Facebook,, Newsletters and by partnering with super fans (fan sites etc.).

It’s not that email has no benefit, but that it cannot be thought of in isolation. Instead, what has helped us become a trending topic each week is a coordinated digital strategy that leverages all platforms, including email. In addition to the newsletter, we promote the hashtag on our website, our Facebook page, and through fan sites which all have a significantly greater reach than our email.


2. Share Vs. Sell: {view email}

Share vs sell in email

At the EEC roundtable, ‘Integrating email with social media’, Megan Walsh of Williams-Sonoma stated,

For retail, the challenge is prioritization of “Share vs. Sell.” You have to weigh the benefits of directing subscribers to engage with the brand’s social network with the importance of ROI. Ideally, the integration is done so that “share” and “sell” complement one another.

HBO sell True Blood merchandise via the HBO store, alongside Twitter links in their emails.

I’m not concerned about directing traffic away from By building up a strong following on social platforms such as Twitter & Facebook, we have a large dedicated community that we can message with relevant content which ultimately drives traffic back to our website - Sabrina Caluori { Director, Marketing and Promotions // }

It’s clear the shows popularity, encouraged and spread on Twitter via #TrueBlood ultimately increases sells.


3. Share benefits: {view email}

Twitter and email marketing

Besides, ‘follow us’ buttons, HBO tells fans they can get insider news by following BonTempsGossip.


4. Using hashtags in email:

Before creating your own hashtag, check out, to see if it’s already in use.

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