If you make one change this holiday season…

If I had to choose one bit of advice for retailers, its to add online video to your email marketing this holiday.

Michael Weintraub owner of Dressed Up!, purchased a Flip camcorder over a year ago costing $149. Take a look at his email click through rates over 7 campaigns:

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Click through rates with and without video

Linking to video doubles click through rate

When not linking to video his click through rate is between 20-27% -  the 2 low dips.  When linking to online video its consistently between 51-65%.

When I design Michael’s newsletters, I always include a screenshot of a video player like in these 5 examples

Click through rates are still over 50% a year later.

The videos are filmed by a sales assistant, then directly uploaded to YouTube without editing or music.  

“Video can really ease a customer’s fears, uncertainties and doubts about a product when they can see a 360 degree view or see it in use.  Retailers that embrace it early will have an advantage over those who don’t” - Linda Bustos of Get Elastic  

Get some polish

I did encourage my clients to do their own filming. Most of them told me they were too busy, or technically challenged. So plan B is to contact a local video production company!

A client just introduced me to Kendall Rhodes, founder of Spin and Stir Media. Kendall runs an internet video production company. Her many clients include Lisa Kline, J Brand and Busy Bees. If you’re in the LA neighbourhood, check them out.

They can work on a script with you, shoot at your place of business, arrange for a host or a model, edit your video and distribute it online - all at an affordable price.

Below is one of their videos,”How To: Quick And Easy Updos” filmed at the byu-ti salon. 

You can view more videos on their blog SpinDaily, and their website.

If your not local try Studio Now, they’re a community of freelance video/movie editors in the US.

Send a video email

Once your video is online - use YouTube if you don’t have a website - link to it in a video email like the one below.

{View full-sized Shopbop HTML video email}

Shopbop video email

Make your creative a graphic of a video player, add in a still image with a play icon.

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