12 Days of Christmas email campaign in September

I received this email from Delight.com today. Delight is sending out a 12 Days of Christmas email campaign in September! 

 Subject Line: { Xmas in Sept. Day 2 :: Now Even Cashmere Gloves Multi-Task!}  

View Delight holiday email

Holiday 2008 email marketing

They have this gif on their landing page and a countdown:

Christmas in September

Naughty or Nice?

The gift a day email campaign, was a popular tactic during the 2007 holiday season.  Retailer T.J Maxx asked my permission to increase their volume, Juicy Couture did not. 

Last year 88% of major online retailers increased their email volume during the holiday season, with retailers boosting their send volumes by 45% on average. This was one of the findings of the retail guide to the holiday season. Its short sighted to bombard in-boxes, ask permission to do a gift/deal a day campaign.

View animated Juicy holiday email

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Seasonal Entertaining Event

Horchow also sent out a series of 4 emails last week promoting their, ”Seasonal Entertaining Event”. My favorite of the series featured an animated gif. I like that its lite on traditional Christmas imagery, the animated gif lends a modern vibe.

In his retail guide to the holiday season Chad White reports from Nov. 1 until Christmas Day, 19% of major online retailers used animated gifs in at least one email last year. The holiday 2007 Juicy campaign above contained animated gifs - though in Outlook 2007 there would be no big reveal, Oops!

View animated Horchow holiday Seasonal email

Click to view animated holiday gif

View Horchow holiday email

Holiday 2008 email marketing

Christmas is tomorrow

Recently I had a meeting with an online retailer, his mantra was “Christmas is tomorrow”.  After enduring a terrible year due to the US economy - the worst in 7 years of business - he’s working hard to get his holiday plan of action in place.

He admits he’s been sending too many promotions - in desperation - and not enough valuable content. I told him he needs to start re-building trust now. That way, come Christmas his readers will be more receptive. We need to build up what I call holiday credit.

This got me thinking, what changes do my clients need to make right now? What tactics worked last year? Most people don’t start Christmas shopping until after Thanksgiving, but retailers start sending holidays emails in earnest at the end of Oct. So we all have roughly a month to get in the holiday spirit and encourage sign ups


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