Still time to shop for Dad - 10 Father’s Day emails

If you haven’t sent your Father’s day email - or bought a gift - you still have time. I imagine most people plan to visit a store this week (Father’s Day is this Sun 15th).

Those who shop online, may do so to save on gas. One idea is to offer a Gas Gift Card with each in-store purchase. “Visit our store and we’ll pay your Gas”. Check out SVM cards or your local gas station. These are not bad Father’s Day gifts either. Wal-Mart is already selling gas cards as is Sam’s Club.

Here are some Father’s day emails to get you inspired. Overall I found the creative and subject lines in my inbox repetitive, along the lines of, “Gift Guide, 20% off”… the ten below are the best of the bunch.

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{Simon Carter - click to view email}

I am a big fan of Simon Carter’s newsletters. I love the illustrations which feature Simon with his dog and the copy has lots of personality. Although I like the creative, I would move the HTML text to the top.

Simon Carter Father's Day email

{Patagonia - Favorites for Father’s Day - click to view email}

Patagonia links to their blog with a personal account from an employee titled “My Dad’s my hero“. It’s a nice departure from all the sterile Gift Guide emails.

Father's Day email

{Hermès -  The big daddy of them all… click to view email}

I have posted about Hermès emails before, how I like the whimsical illustrations and subject lines.  When Bluefly tested ‘Gotta Have Gucci’ versus ‘Gucci Now Up to 40% Off.’ They saw up to 20% more opens with the fun subject line. Take a look at these Father’s Day subject lines to see which grab your interest, I liked Barneys “If your Dad is FUNKY…”

Hermes father's day email

{ Kitson couture | Great Father’s Day Gift Ideas click to view email}

Kitson took time to take a photo specifically for Father’s day rather than use what was on-hand. It’s dead cute and looks like a candid shot. I found it more compelling than the posed model shots from other retailers. Ok I know having a big image at the top is bad design but most of the text is HTML throughout the email. Would have been better if the text  linked to products like the photo’s.

kitson Father's day email

{Levenger - Free Shipping — 3 days left - click to view email}

Levenger shows that you can do a gift guide and still follow email best practices. Lots of HTML text and a call to action right at the top of the email.

Levenger Father's Day email

{PhotoJoJo - Photojojo: Father’s Day Gift Guide 2008- click to view email}

Photojojo’s copy is some of the best in my inbox. Their gift guide features unique Father’s Day ideas like the FlyCam which can be attached to an, “RC airplane , kite, or a skateboard, or an extremely patient dog”.

Photojojo Father's Day email

{eLuxury - Celebrating dads from coast-to-coast + Free Shipping! - click to view email}

eLuxury features a wish list from two celebrity Father’s, here’s the landing page interview. I would have liked to see a couple of quotes in the email. A lot of my clients who are small retailers, don’t feel they have time to add valuable content. Sending out a straight Gift Guide or 30% off email requires less of a time commitment than an article, web video or interview.

eLuxury email

{Savile Row - Free Monogramming for Father’s Day and lots more offers and free gifts - click to view email}

Savile Row has added a link to a new web video. They also offer free mongramming for Father’s Day which is a nice touch. The email is one big image containing image maps, it would benefit from a re-design. It never captured the Savile Row brand for me…

Savile Row email

{Selfridges & co - Father’s Day - Events, offers, gift ideas and more - click to view email}

Quirky illustrations and Father’s day events such as whisky tasting and cigar rolling make this email stand out.


{REI - REI Gifts for Outdoor Dads + Free Teva Shipping - click to view email}

REI uses a big image at the top but overlays HTML text making it accessible with images turned off. Using the bottom bar they encourage you to submit photo’s. This is a great idea I have used with my clients, also try adding a Q&A.

REI Father's Day email

Well that’s all ten, if I have missed any good Father’s Day emails let me know…

Chad White noted a tactic used by several retailers during Mother’s Day in his season finale—”Getting people to buy something for their mothers but also for themselves,” See an example email here from Sephora. This message was missing from all the Father’s day emails I received.

{Just a quick update now that Father’s day is over. Father’s Day emails peaked on Monday, June 2, retailers sent out promotions right up to Father’s day on June 15th - To read the Retail Email Blog Father’s Day season Finale 08 click here.}


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