How to Email Video

Including video in an e-mail can be handled in two ways. The first is when the video file is embedded in the email and plays directly in your inbox. I do not recommend this. The code (usually JavaScript) used to embed the video is not supported by most email clients. This Hugo Boss email has embedded video, it did not play in my Outlook inbox, I had to click a link to view it online. If you are still adamant about embedded video take a look at Clip Stream, the above email uses it.

The widely used method that we adopt for our clients is to place an image of a media player in the email. Upon clicking, you go to a landing page where the video plays. This allows you to track interest in the video via your reports. We consistently see a large increase in click through rates when sending video emails. You can view three video emails below that take this approach.

I would expect the Dillard’s email below to outperform Saks and Neiman Marcus. Our tests have shown people favor a clear graphic of a video player over a more subtle approach.

View the corresponding landing pages for the three video emails below. Saks does the best job clearly tying the video to items you can purchase along the bottom of the screen:
View Saks » . View Dillard’s » . View Neiman Marcus »

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