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Modular email templates

Wednesday, December 17th, 2014 by Anna Yeaman

In this 43 min video, I take a look at designing a modular template system. This is simply a group of reusable modules and email patterns, that can be combined together in various ways to generate different templates. Although not a new approach, I’ve seen a surge of interest in the last few years as everyone grapples with mobile redesigns.

The featured examples vary in scope and industry. Adorama started with just ten modules and have gone onto expand it, whereas’s latest is 35. They also had different design challenges, which I go through along with our process, user testing and internal management.

Why and basic process - 0:00
Adorama - 2:07 - 16:41
Latest system - 29.25
User Testing - 32.47
Internal management - 39:16


Grab the deck

I left the video transcript in the deck as notes for those of you who download it. Though the video shows the live templates and provides more context than the slides, so it’s also worth checking out.